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[this is good] This is very good.

The hook lingers.

Your composition?


Thanks. Yes, I wrote it. Here's what I told Bernie about it earlier today.

It takes a little while before I can hear the song and not what I wish I'd done with it. I wrote the words a few months ago, forgot about them until I came back across them during a hard-drive restore last week, and figured I'd try them with a few chords I liked the sound of on my guitar, on which I'd dropped the high-E string to D and capoed four frets. I'd've sung louder, but the second verse actually brought A. running from the other side of the apartment to tell me to quiet down (since it was pretty late by then). Maybe I'll lower the synthesized strings, bring up the "whirly" fake-Wurlitzer organ setting, and try a little more knob-toggling with the synthesized bass so it plops/lumbers less. What would you change? You say it sounds laid-back, which is true. I'd thought about speeding it up from 110 bpm to around 140 or 150 bpm, believe it or not. :-)

I've got a few more up at MeFi Music. (I like "Second Ring," which also got assembled in GarageBand, and "South of the Border" which was me sitting in my kitchen alone on a Sunday afternoon.)

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